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Strictly for all new customers.

Current Promotional Offers:

(Quote Ref: NEW23) to qualify for discount.* (Normal rates will be charged unless correct reference is quoted when booking).

Copy Typing:
One job, one fee with 20% extra discount.

  • The bigger the job, the better the bargain! This 'one job, one fee' offer, as opposed to a quote based on our usual hourly rate, has been a tremendous success in the past. This is an unbeatable offer if you have a large volume of work,  for example, a Novel or a Dissertation, to be typed and proof read as the quote will be our usual hourly rate plus an extra 20% discount. Strictly subject to pre-booking, availability and written confirmation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Transcription (Verbatim Basic) - charged at 0.60p per minute of recording

  • All Verbatim (Basic) Transcription option @ 0.60p per minute of recording - unbeatable price for transcription services in the UK.  All Verbatim (Basic) transcription (audio cassette tapes, video or digital format) is offered on promotional discount (for new customers only - extra student discount is available - see 'Rates'.) This is an exceptionally good offer if you have large amounts of transcription work needed. Basic time-stamping can be provided as part of this promotional offer only. Strictly subject to pre-booking, availability and written confirmation.  Contact us to discuss your requirements. 


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