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Presentations and Desktop Publishing

VSS Virtual Secretarial Services™ can use Microsoft applications such as Powerpoint and our Desktop Publishing skills to design and promote your presentations, in any shape or format you wish.

We will follow your exact specifications.

VSS Virtual Secretarial Services™ can follow handwritten notes and design your work and can give your document a professional finish by binding or laminating your work.

VSS Virtual Secretarial Services™ can prepare Order of Service booklets for Church if there is a Funeral in the family, or produce a memento of a loved one, for example, a bookmark including a photograph, to your specification, laminated and colour printed to the highest quality.

Having a Conference or need to arrange a Meeting? We can send the invites out for you by e-mail, post or telephone on your behalf, at no extra cost.

We will return the completed work by email or if you would prefer, saved to disc and sent back by post printed ready for your use. Virtual Secretarial Services simply follow your instructions.


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